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This contract is an agreement between ___________________________________________, hereinafter known as the "mare owner" and SIMPSON QUARTER HORSES owned by Mitchell Simpson, herein known as the "stallion breeder" for the AQHA stallion ______________________________ AQHA #___________________ hereinafter known as the "stallion", to breed the following mare _________________________________________ breed __________ Reg.# ________________, hereinafter known as the "mare".

1. The breeding fee shall be $_________ payable as follows:

A. A booking fee of $100 to accompany signed contract and a copy of the mare's papers.
B. The balance of the breeding fee will be paid in full before the mare leaves the stallion station.
C. Frozen semen can be shipped for $300 per shipment. The stud fee and shipping fee must be paid prior to shipping.
D. Notification to ship semen is required seven (7) days in advance.

2. Mitchell Simpson guarantees a live foal from this breeding. If said foal does not stand and nurse or mare aborts, upon notification (within one week of foal's death) along with a statement signed by a licensed veterinarian, Mitchell Simpson will allow mare owner to rebreed the above named mare the following season with fees being credited.

3. Should the above named mare not conceive from breeding, the mare owner may elect to rebreed the above mare during the following season at the same total stud fee. The booking fee paid will be credited.

4. At the discretion of the breeder, should the above named mare die or become unfit for service without producing a live foal, the mare owner may elect to substitute another mare to be bred, in which case the stud fee (including booking fee) will be credited to the new mare.

5. The mare owner agrees to indemnify the stallion station and breeder against any accident, illness, or death to above named mare or her foal. The mare owner is not responsible for any disease, accident, or injury to the stallion.

6. Breeding certificates will be issued at the time the mare owner has notified Mitchell Simpson that the mare has produced a live foal and all bills are paid.

7. The mare owner agrees that this contract constitutes a lien upon the above named mare and her foal to secure payment of all charges. The mare owner is liable for reasonable legal fees and costs to collect overdue charges.

8. When signed by the mare owner and Mitchell Simpson this contract is binding on both parties under the laws of Texas, subject to the conditions stated herein. This contract cannot be assigned or transferred without written consent of Simpson Quarter Horses.

9. Mare care will be $10.00 per day wet or dry.

Mitchell Simpson (Stallion Breeder)
1295 CR 12
Silverton, Texas 79257
(806) 823-2595


Mare Owner or Lessee
Address: __________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________

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